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puro sabor


PURO SABOR (Spanish for Pure Flavor)
Welcome to the home page for Puro Sabor Cigars.  We are glad to know you have heard about us and are glad to provide you with some information about our new cigar.
Puro Sabor Cigars has actually been a labor of love long in the making.  We came up with the name and logo back in the 90’s but put the project on the back burner as we were importing and distributing the “El Sublimado” and “El Incomparable” brands which were manufactured by Nestor Plasencia.  With so many new companies producing new lines we decided to let the cigar guys do the cigars and we would stick with what we knew best which was pipes and tobaccos.
The brand is owned and distributed by Music City Marketing, Inc. out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Music City has been around since the mid 70’s mainly as a pipe, tobacco and accessories wholesaler and distributor.   We are the exclusive U.S. pipe distributor for Stanwell, BC, W. O. Larsen, and Dunhill just to name a few.  We wanted to have our own cigar line but felt that the competition for the mid to upper price range was amply represented and felt a new cigar could quickly be lost in the mix no matter how good it was.  What we really wanted to do was produce a quality premium hand rolled cigar and make it available at a price which wouldn’t break the bank.  After much thought we went to the Torano Family, which in our opinion is one of the most trusted families in the industry and told them that what we were wanting to accomplish.  We wanted a proprietary blend containing quality tobaccos which were not so complex that the next shipment couldn’t be replicated.  We wanted something in the mild to medium strength range but wanted something with enough flavor to be memorable.  Charlie and his Dad (Carlos) were up to the challenge and went to work.  After much in house work at the factory and many months of working on the blend we were presented with four blends which we felt were real contenders.  We smoked them, passed them out to our friends and families, had our co-workers smoke them and waited for the feedback.  We listened and finally with a little tweaking of the blend made our pick.  We think we picked a great blend and we think the Torano Family has done a great job with our cigar.  We hope you agree with us.
Puro Sabor Natural is a hand made Nicaraguan cigar which has an Ecuadoran grown Connecticut Seed Wrapper.  The binder and filler are both long leaf.  The binder comes from Esteli while the filler is a combination of tobacco’s from both Esteli and the Condega region of Nicaragua.  In an effort to keep prices to a minimum we decided to package the cigars in bundles of 25 verses putting them in expensive boxes resulting in a cigar that has a suggested retail in the $3 - $4 range depending on taxes.

Puro Sabor Maduro features an Indonesian binder with a filler of both Viso and Seco tobaccos from both the Jalapa Valley & Estella. The Nicaraguan wrapper pull all this together to make a wonderful affordable medium bodied smoke.
Puro Sabor Natural and Maduro are available in:
Robusto 5 X50
Toro  6 X 50
Churchill 7 X 48
Puro Sabor cigars are currently available at smoke shops throughout the United States.  Have your retailer call us at 1-800-251-3016 if they don’t have Puro Sabor on the shelf.
We hope you enjoy our new cigar, we do.
Best Regards & Happy Smoking,
Arron Sissom
Music City Marketing, Inc.